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Special Plans
Time: 1500 hours
Location: Chance at Redemption

Agent Kentucky was a man of simple tastes. He liked the crunch sound that enemy bones made as he trod over them. He liked spending a while touching up the custom paint on his armor. He definitely liked the smell of napalm in the morning. He liked beer, women, anarchy, craters, dead-man triggers, free-fighting zones, driving fast, and especially big red buttons. But for all of the things he liked, there were only 3 things in life he could truly profess to loving. They were good food, high explosives, and Samantha Paladray.
So it was no small wonder that Curtis Bonomo took a few moments to appreciate the beauty of this plan: he was using small amounts of high explosives to tenderize a steak for Sammy. The large, old-timey detonator in Kentucky’s hand had various wires leading from it into a large steel drum filled with water, two steaks in a sealed plastic wrapping, and very precisely measured and sh
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RvBMorality Chapter 3
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: RT-636 "Mother of Invention"
The Director's eyes snapped open, and he immediately sat up in his bed,breathing heavily. It was just a dream... No. Not just a dream. It was that dream again. The same one that had haunted him for so long... Had haunted him for the vast majority of his life...
Shaking away the unwanted memories for the time being, the Director looked at his still beeping alarm clock.
12:33 in the afternoon.
He'd slept in, a problem since there was so much that needed to get done, but so little time to do it. Shoving off the covers, the Director slowly stood and got dressed, noticing the stiffness plaguing his sore bones and muscles. After shutting off his alarm clock, the Director left his quarters, entering the small hallway that lead to the elevator.
"F.I.L.S.S, how many agents have reported in this morning?"
15 agents have reported in, Director
Leonard Church scowled, knowing full well
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Red vs Blue: Morality by ChaoticChaosHybrid Red vs Blue: Morality :iconchaoticchaoshybrid:ChaoticChaosHybrid 4 19
RvBMorality Chapter 2
Location: RT-636 "Mother of Invention"
Time: 2200 Hours (10:00 PM)

Agent Texas sat patiently in the chair she was occupying, staring at the A.I Containment unit sitting on the table. It was hooked up to a console that some technicians had been using to analyze the A.I inside of the unit, Beta, who Texas had recently retrieved from the body of the late Minnesota. She regretted being unable to bring back the body as well, but she just didn't have the time. The technicians had been trying to figure out what happened, but the minute they started probing Beta's files, she'd fried the console.
Now the Director had showed up, calling for Agent Nevada after the situation had been explained. A short time later, the door opened automatically with a quiet noise, enough to direct Texas' attention to it. Nevada had never entirely fit in with the image of what a soldier should be -strong, brave, even prideful. She was small, frail-looking and jumpy. Now she looked even worse, shrinking
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RvBMorality Chapter 1
Time: 0400 Hours (4AM)
Location: RT-636 "Mother of Invention"

It was a quiet morning.
The usual early-morning staff went around attending their duties. No Freelancers were away on missions. The Director was actually sleeping.
All in all, it was a peaceful morning...
... Until the Director's alarm went off early.
Seeing the time, the Director had decided the Agents had slept long enough, and instructed F.I.L.S.S to activate the alarms in all living quarters on the ship.
The alarm was... Annoying. It sounded like an old, 21st Century air raid siren, only louder and accompanied by flashing red lights.
When the alarm activated, Freelancer Agent Nevada, currently 24th on the board, shrieked and leaped out of her bed, ready for a fight.
"FILSS, what's going on?" she asked while hurrying to find something to wear more substantial than the tank top and shorts she wore to sleep.
"Wake up call, Agent Nevada," the AI replied calmly.
Nevada froze with her Project Freelancer-issue t-s
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FloodgatesCh9 by ChaoticChaosHybrid FloodgatesCh9 :iconchaoticchaoshybrid:ChaoticChaosHybrid 0 0 FloodgatesCh8 by ChaoticChaosHybrid FloodgatesCh8 :iconchaoticchaoshybrid:ChaoticChaosHybrid 1 0 FloodgatesCh7 by ChaoticChaosHybrid FloodgatesCh7 :iconchaoticchaoshybrid:ChaoticChaosHybrid 1 0


RvB: Morality Epilogue

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 11, 2014, 8:31 PM

So let's start off with some better news: No, I am not dead. I am very much alive, but I have been very uninspired for who knows how long. Now then, on to business...

A LONG time ago, I said I was done writing Red vs Blue Fanfiction. Many of you have sent me notes asking me to continue, and sadly, my answer has not changed. The Red vs Blue universe will always be large and vast, and I encourage anyone to take up a pen, pencil, or keyboard and go ahead and write your own stories, but my time there is done, and that won't be changing. A RWBY character is already in the works, and one day, maybe a fanfiction, but do not expect any Red vs Blue related items in the future.

However, I'm not going to leave my main work, Red vs Blue: Morality, as it is. Over these few months, I've been planning an Epilogue, something to let everyone know what had all been planned for the story, and to wrap up loose ends with several characters. I don't know when it will be available, but when it is, know that it will be as my final farewell to the RvB Universe. Maybe I'll do oneshots in the future, maybe not. Only time will tell. Until then...


  • Listening to: Die (Rough Cut) - Jeff Williams
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